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How To Get a Bill Consolidation Loan
with No Collateral? 


By Mike Clifford Ramsey 


You'll find various avenues to consolidate your outstanding debts without having to pledge a collateral. This article talks about a highly sought after service.

This solution is the credit card for bill consolidation loan.

It is very common for debtors to move all their debts from varied sources to a sole credit card. Thus they now have reduced the number of stakeholders they need to address from many to just one which is very convenient.


People go for this kind of loan consolidation as it involves minimal steps for getting sanction. Besides, you do not need any explicit assurance or guarantee to avail this loan.

Moreover, institutions would be more than willing to help you in this regard, if you are looking to use their credit card for consolidating your outstanding debts. They may provide appeasing clauses including:


  • Zero interest usage for many months. You can easily get terms allowing you interest-free credit card service for a year.  
  • Even after the zero-interest duration, the interest rates that they get are much below the existing rates that you'd have to pay. This is highly attractive for persons that cannot offer security for their loans. But beware of the conditions and clauses in the loan document. In most cases, you will find three red flags”  
  • If you miss the payment deadline you lose your interest-free status instantly and it gets worse. Your potential interest rates get bumped up after the grace period. This in effect could mean that you end up with a new loan with a higher rate that what you presently have.  
  • Even if the payment does not reach the company for no fault of yours like in the case of incorrect payment processing, you are still considered a defaulter and above rule would apply.  
  • NOTE: Hence it is advisable to keep detailed information and proof of all your payments. This would help you a great deal in case the late payment issue comes up for contention later.  

Along these lines you could explore options of automating these payments through online services. The online service has the benefit of making timely payments and recording the payment details.


There are strict penalties for breaking your credit limit though. This could be something as simple as fines to something more damaging like end of your zero-interest benefits. As a result, you are always better off making prompt payments of your outstanding credit card bills if you opt for credit card bill consolidation loan; more so if it is unsecured. The safest practice is to make monthly payments.


With a credit card for bill consolidation loan, you would end up with a reduced debt, at the end of the zero-interest. In addition to this, you would not have any new debts to tackle as you will not be using the new credit card to make purchases.


This article has given you the basic advantages and drawbacks of a bill consolidation loan without collateral. Now you can start looking into it further.


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